Chilean Guava — Ugni Molinae

One of the reasons I garden for food production is I can grow things you simply cannot find in any fruit and veg store locally.

One of those things I’ve chosen to grow is a plant called, in latin, Ugni Molinae; it’s more commonly known as Chilean Guava. It’s much more popular in Britain than in N. America, but I’ve seen it take off here and there.

I first saw one at the Fernwood Demonstration Garden for Kitchens, in the Fernwood neighbourhood of Victoria, BC. I asked one of the project leads if they had any superstars growing in the demo garden that not many people know about and he walked me over to this bush that had deep crimson red, cranberry sized berries on it.

This article has been moved over to my own website, Spiffle. I hope you’ll pop over there to continue reading it.



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